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Wilfried and Myriam started their horticulture family business in the mid-Ď80s. They soon specialised in the cultivation of alternative lettuce.
Up to the year 2000 they delivered alternative lettuce to the Mechelse Veilingen. The collaboration ended in 2000 and they immediately started working together with the retail and the wholesale market. At that time, we also created our own labelling and packaging material: boxes and lettuce packaging bags.
In 2003 we managed to double our winter offer of alternative lettuce grown in greenhouses because of the construction of a second greenhouse. We also try out different cultivation techniques. In 2009 we built an outdoor gutter system for the cultivation of multicolor lettuce with root soil. We also tested the floating system in our greenhouse in the summer of 2010.
Our son MichaŽl started his transportation company at the beginning of 2010, which means that our customers now have the possibility to have their goods delivered at home. The customer can of course also choose to pick up the goods himself by using our loading dock.
If you are interested in our products or if you just want to request additional information, you can always contact us.

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