New method of cultivation – Hydroponics gutter cultivation
In 2009 we started with a try-out of this gutter cultivation, not in a greenhouse but outside. It is a closed cultivation gutter with plant holes. The plants are being placed in this cultivation gutter and nutrition water runs through it.

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New products: green and red Salanova
At the start of summer season 2011 we have expanded our product gamut with two new Salanova types: a deep sliced red leaf lettuce and a deep sliced green leaf lettuce.
They resemble very much a Frissée type.
And they have a sweeter taste than Lolla Rossa and Lolla Bionda.

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New cultivation system - Floating system
In the greenhouse, we also go along with the trend.
We have partially exchanged the soil cultivation in the greenhouse with a system based on hydroponics: the floating system.
In this system, the greenhouse is 'converted' into a large pond, and the lettuce is put on floating panels.
This prevents redundant earth in the lettuce as well as numerous soil-borne diseases.

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